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Learning to golf or learning how to become a better golfer has never been this easy. Learning to golf is a sport that requires golfers to have the proper length and flex in golf clubs. It is a common sight to see people learning to golf practicing their swinging motion before playing their first ball on a course.

Golf instructions are available in various places. Golf is one game where you can really enjoy yourself without running around too much. Golf is a complex sport to learn and play well. Golf Swing Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated. Golf equipment is no exception to the rule; e. Golf equipment stores offer a spectrum of brands like Premiers, Titanium core, hard, long, soft, XLs, Ultras, Tours and V1s. Golf instructions are available in various places. Golf is one game where you can really enjoy yourself without running around too much. Golf is a complex sport to learn and play well. Golf Swing Golfs deceptively simple and endlessly complicated. Golf equipment is no exception to the rule; e. Golf equipment stores offer a spectrum of brands like Premiers, Titanium core, hard, long, soft, XLs, Ultras, Tours and V1s.

Golf is no different in this respect despite what many people might think. Golf is, Golf continues, Golf will always be. Golfers encourage and congratulate each other, even their opponents. Golf is much harder than it looks on television. Golf clubs can be fitted at any time for your height and grip size, but if you wait until you have a repeatable golf swing, clubs can also be fitted for your swing. Golfers may find themselves dropping the book and grabbing their clubs. Golfers can also take pleasure in watching nature in action – squirrels, rabbits, deer and in some locations even moose. Golfing is a great way to spend your vacation. Golfing is a dangerous sport so if these guys need a hobby they better take up a safer one like racing.

Learning to golf is a life-long challenge. Learning to golf is fun and easy and many golf courses offer lessons and shorter rounds to beginners. Learning to golf is a life-long challenge. Learning to golf is fun and easy and many golf courses offer lessons and shorter rounds to beginners. Some argue that learning to golf so late in life is useless because there is no way that an older adult can carry the golf bag.

Indulge in Sport Leisure to Unwind

Sport leisure is a nice way of unwinding and distressing yourself. It not only provides entertainment, but also helps you remain fit. No other leisure activity will burn as many calories as a sport activity. In fact, all other ways of leisure will only add up calories and make you obese. Physical activity is the best form of entertainment and fitness.

Some of the activities include jogging, horse riding, golf, martial arts, gymnastics, tennis, badminton, skating, swimming, surfing, sailing and much more. These activities are full of fun and will give you adrenaline rush. Not just that, you can enjoy these activities as a participant or spectator. Indeed these activities are good pastimes that sometimes become a hobby. Whether outdoor or indoor activities, there are plenty of choices at leisure park.

Sport leisure has seen a radical change over the years. It is not restricted to regular games. Sports enthusiasts love to indulge in adventure sports activity. Some of the adventure sports include, hiking, trekking, mountaineering, dinghy sailing, scuba diving, paragliding, jet skiing, caving, snow skiing, snowboarding games, river rafting, wind surfing, and much more. If you wish to indulge in sports, then you have to get your hands on sports gear. Without proper gears, it is quite risky to indulge in sports, especially adventure sports. Here is a list of things you will require for travel leisure or outdoor activities.

Sport Leisure Gear

Camping Tent – The most important aspect in case of a tent is its material. It should be made of waterproof material and have proper seams to prevent water seepage into the tent. Go for polyester fabric instead of nylon fabric. Polyester will withstand UV rays. The next important thing is the poles, which will determine stability of the tent during whirly winds. Fiberglass poles and aluminum poles are a good choice. They are lightweight, durable, and easy to carry.

Camping First Aid Kits – First aid is very essential while camping, carry bandages, painkillers, anti-bacterial ointments, anti-septic medicines, hot water bags, pain relief sprays, and the like. Sport leisure can lead to minor injuries and you must have a first aid kit handy.

Camping Gears – Apart from sports apparel and shoes, you will need other accessories. It is important to carry lead torches, extra batteries, folding steps, folding chairs, and other accessories related to the sports you wish to indulge in. However, do not carry too much luggage, as it may leave you exhausted.

Camping Food – Arrange for food and ensure that you pack more than what you think you will need. Ready-to-eat snacks and food items are a good choice. Do not carry food that needs a lot of cooking time. Buy packaged food available over the counter. Do not forget to stock up fresh fruits and juices when you go for sport leisure.

Whether it is travel leisure or sports, you must pack properly and ensure that you take these things so that you are not stranded and left to starve. Sports activities can help you forget your worries and indulge in a new world of enthusiasm. Try exploring the world of adventure sports if you haven’t tried yet.

Travel Leisure Trips to Plan Now

The Caribbean Islands are the ultimate destination for a leisure trip, be it right now or at any time of the year. The Caribbean has the perfect sunny climate to enjoy a luxury vacation along with numerous classy hotels and all-inclusive resorts offering great accommodation options. Add to it the charming hospitality of the people in the region and one has the ideal recipe to enjoy a leisure trip.

Jamaica is one of the top destinations for vacationers to the Caribbean Islands. The third largest island in the region, it evokes rich images with its varied landscape and cultural heritage. Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Negril are some of the places that come to mind when talking about Jamaica. Enjoy the vibrant nightlife here, dance the night away to the beats of Reggae or Soca while bands perform live. The most famous dish on the island would be the fiery barbeque-style jerk pork orchicken, which can be found wherever one goes. Shoppers can stop at the various crafts market and shop for some local artifacts. The adventurous have loads of activities to indulge in, including hiking, ATV biking in the forests, water sports, and jeep-safaris. After all that activity, there’s nothing like a relaxing session at the various spas throughout Jamaica.

The Dominican Republic is more relaxed with a vibrant mix of European and African influences in its culture. Bavaro and Punta Cana in the southeast are the tourism hotspots with numerous resorts and attractions. Santo Domingo is the place to be for the culturally inclined while adventure lovers can head north to Cabarete to enjoy windsurfing, mountain biking, and hiking. The birthplace of Merengue, enjoy this sensous Latin dance form at La Guacara Taina, the best discoteca here. The food on the island is infused with Latin American zing and is inspired by its Spanish and African roots, Mofongo being a popular dish. While indulging in shopping, don’t forget to pick up handcrafted wares and amber jewelry.

Jamaica and Dominican Republic are just the tip of the iceberg but there are more destinations in the Caribbean that are just waiting to be explored.

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Penang Business Travel Leisure Guide

- When you land at the airport, go to the Taxi counter to purchase the ticket for the taxi queue outside. It costs RM38 to go to the Georgetown area (Evergreen, Traders and G hotels)
- Taxis around Penang are pricey and they will not use the meter. It is pretty standard prices although some drivers may be open to negotiate if you agree to regular pick up. I usually take the hotel shuttle to office but have the same driver pick me up everyday from office at 5pm. It costs 30 ringgit to the Traders hotel from my office in Bayan Lepas industrial areal. One way from Georgetown hotels to Kulim industrial park is about 70 to 90 ringgit. If you are commuting to Kulim daily from a Georgetown hotel, you definitely want to make arrangements with a cabby rather than try to call a cab from office on the way home.
- During rush hour, expect to spend 30 min to/from island and mainland. The ride over the bridge and Kulim may run an hour.

All these hotels have shuttle service to offices in Bayan Lepas industrial park in the mornings.
- Equatorial Hotel, most expensive and most isolated of the hotels. This is a very old hotel and I have chosen not to stay here because it seems to be such an inconvenient place to stay so I will leave it for someone else to chat about.
- Trader’s Hotel, this use to be the old Shangri La hotel and although it is been remodeled, and still very much the same hotel. Plus: Good business hotel with a strong free internet connection, good variety for the free breakfast buffet, comfortable rooms with everything in working order, good grocery store located in the nearby Grand Plaza mall (basement). Minus: No decent restaurants nearby (good hawker stands on Lorong Baru, a 5-10 min walk from the hotel, closed on Wed.), there are some mediocre restaurants in the mall behind the hotel (there is a Starbucks in Prangin Mall behind the hotel)
- G Hotel, this is a fairly new hotel but the paint is a already fading in some of the rooms. This is a really popular hotel so it books up quickly. The real draw of this hotel is location right next to the upscale Gurney Plaza. They have made some improvements like bolstering their internet. Plus: Free breakfast and internet, they will give you a ocean view room if available and you ask for it, very nice gym overlooking the ocean, very stylish pool area. Minus: Not enough electrical plugs in the room, no clock, there is no phone on the desk where the cable connection is but you just need to move it yourself, dim lighting in the bathroom, some of the rooms have major plumbing problems (my carpet was soaked because of leaky plumbing; more than one room I stayed in had this problem) basically it seems like this hotel was put up in a hurry with little attention to quality control.
- Evergreen Hotel, Decent cheap hotel, 20 min walk (or 10 Ringitt taxi ride) from Gurney Plaza. Plus: free internet, good business rooms, nearby hotel has Starbucks and some decent restaurants (Nasi Kandar is very good). Minus: corporate rate would not get you an ocean view, breakfast is not free and was not very flavorful.

- Secret Recipe has great desserts but mediocre food, Sushi King has terrible Japanese food, Nasi Kandar has great flavorful curry, the Japanese restaurant at the G hotel is very authentic and tasty, the Food Loft in Gurney Plaza has a nice selection of international dishes (I recommend the salmon and snow fish in the American section), there is a Chili’s next to the G Hotel that has really good cheeseburgers (which is a treat after 3 weeks in Asia). There are a lot of places that have all you can eat seafood; many of the hotels do and so does a restaurant called Tao’s (great butterfish).
- My favorite hawker stand is located in downtown Georgetown on Lorong Baru. The best Char Koay Teow stand you can find in island. There are hawker stands everywhere in Georgetown, Bayan Lepas, Batu Ferringi, and almost every places you hang out in the island you can find any hawker food around.
- The satay beef and chicken from the hawker stand, near McDonalds, on Gurney Drive is a good choice for trying PG street food. Satay is charcoal grilled, bite sized, skewered meat served with peanut sauce. A meal of 20 skewers will cost $3

-Langkawi Coral reef snorkling is the best daytrip under $100. The package includes hotel pickup and a 2 hour high speed boat ride to and from an unforgettable underwater experience. The shaded snorkeling platform is located in the pristine waters of Pulau Payar, a few feet above one of world’s most spectacular coral gardens. Groupers, Barracuda, and parrotfish are some of the 100s of fish that school around the platform. The sea platform includes an underwater observatory, snorkeling equipment and diving fac